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Frankfurt Travel Guide

The Best Things to Do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt at sunset

Frankfurt is a German city of old-world charm and modern flair.

We want to share Frankfurt’s best-kept secrets, including the finest spots to sip apple wine and the most charming cobblestone quarters.

A selection of Saga’s German River Cruises make a pit stop here, so here’s our curated guide on the best things to do in Frankfurt.

Where is Frankfurt?

Wondering where in Germany is Frankfurt? The city, officially known as Frankfurt am Main, is nestled along the banks of the Main River (the longest tributary of the Rhine) in the central-western part of Germany, specifically in the state of Hesse. So, pack a Frankfurt map for guidance and head into the heart of Germany.

What is there to do in Frankfurt?

From delving into Römerberg’s markets to stepping inside the grandeur of Frankfurt Cathedral, there’s a wide range of attractions to explore, with options as diverse as they are exciting.

As you step off our Saga River ships, perhaps embark on a museum-hopping adventure across the city. Or stroll along the waterfront where the skyline is reminiscent of New York’s skyscrapers.

Here’s our selection of Frankfurt experiences, perfect for leisurely exploration.

Römerberg Square: Frankfurt’s Historic Heart


There’s a variety of activities to do in Frankfurt, and this cobblestone square is home to many of them. With a couple of hours here, you could peruse the shops and museums, or enjoy a glass of the local Apfelwein in front of the fountain. The square holds a significant role in the city’s history – showcased in the centre where the iconic Römer Hall stands tall and proud. Cast your eyes upwards to admire its distinctive stepped gables, which are just as eye-catching as the half-timbered, World War Two houses surrounding Römerberg. Opposite is Old St Nicholas Church which also contributes to the rich tapestry of history that defines this famous landmark. Römerberg Square is also a living testament to the city’s lively cultural scene. Immerse yourself in a pop-up art festival. Delight in the sounds of outdoor, live music filling the square. Explore bustling market stalls brimming with artisanal crafts. There’s plenty of inspiring things to do in Frankfurt.

The Charms of the Old town in Frankfurt

Step into the timeless district of Altstadt. Wandering the cobble streets with an unexplored delight at every turn makes this old town truly special, and one of the best things to do in Frankfurt. Beyond the treasures found in Römerberg Square, Altstadt also houses St Pauls Church and a handful of museums, among them the Goethe Haus. A visit here focuses on German literary history. It also showcases many artefacts highlighting one of Germany’s greatest writers. A river cruise to this city isn’t complete without embracing one of the most quintessential activities to do in Frankfurt: a tavern visit to taste apple wine! The Old Town in Frankfurt holds some of the finest spots to raise a glass of Apfelwein, including the historic Haus Wertheym. With a short walk from Altstadt, you can find a little serenity amidst the bustling cityscape. Find a spot to sit along the Main River promenade. The waterfront offers tranquillity with bobbing riverboats against Frankfurt’s skyline.

Journey Through the Splendour of Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral

The old town is graced by the presence of Frankfurt Cathedral. Also known as Dom, its Gothic spires and stained-glass windows are just the beginning of its centuries-old allure. Inside reveals towering arches and plenty of altars and chapels to explore. Adorning the interior of Frankfurt Cathedral are elaborate paintings and sculptures. Deep exploration can take you into the cathedral’s crypt where you’ll encounter hidden tombs and ancient relics. For more things to do in Frankfurt nearby Zeil is the city’s main shopping hub, and the neoclassical Old Opera House is open to visitors all year round, inaugurated in 1880.

The Städel Museum Experience

Step inside Städel Museum to explore artistic creations spanning over 200 years old. Located in the centre of Frankfurt, this museum offers a comprehensive overview of European art history. From Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary creations, discover over four thousand photographs, three thousand paintings and a vast assortment of sculptures. Renowned artists’ feature here, including Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. There’s also an extensive collection of early 20th-century marvels, showcasing the evolution of artistic expression in the modern world.

Indulge in Frankfurt Cuisine

A basket of pretzels

This city is home to a thriving culinary scene, so sampling regional dishes should undoubtedly be at the top of your list of things to do in Frankfurt. There are various ways to embark on a gastronomic journey through Frankfurt’s flavours. One option is to explore traditional food markets such as the indoor Kleinmarkthalle. Here, you can sample German delicacies through stalls offering bratwurst, pretzels, and local produce to take home with you.

Perhaps visit a local tavern, such as Zum Gemalten Haus for a cosy, authentic atmosphere. As you venture into the taverns, you’re bound to encounter Frankfurt’s speciality: Handkäse und Musik. This is a hand-cheese dish with a musical story worth asking your local server about. Equally loved as the regional cuisine is the local apple wine – Apfelwein. In Frankfurt’s southern region is Old Sachsenhausen – an ideal district to enjoy a refreshing glass of the city’s favourite drink in. Among the most popular pubs in the area is the traditional Adolf Wagner, known for its practice of serving beverages in ceramic mugs. Atschel, a tavern dating back to the 19th century, provides a rustic interior to experience this local treat in too.

Saga River Cruise Adventures

Have you explored the attractions of Frankfurt? For more river cruise destinations, take a look at our all-inclusive river cruises.

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