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Mediterranean cruises

Sail south for longer, balmy days in the beautiful Mediterranean

Our Mediterranean cruises are a fantastic way to explore many different cities from Rome and Athens to Barcelona and Dubrovnik. Plus, our latest season of itineraries for 2021 can take you to a number of exciting new destinations, including the stunningly cultural city of Istanbul or the fabled ancient city of Troy in Turkey.

But it’s even better than that – you can also discover beautiful, sun-kissed islands such as Mykonos, Corsica, Sardinia and Minorca, combining busy day’s sightseeing with gentler days of relaxing. Visit the ancient sights of Spain and the mix of British and Spanish culture in Gibraltar on our new ship Spirit of Adventure. From foodies to art aficionados, lovers of ancient history or modern city breaks, our boutique cruises around the Mediterranean Sea really do offer something for everyone.

Festive Celebrations in the Med

Spend Christmas Eve in Lisbon or visit Obidos’ sprawling Christmas market in the lee of the historic castle.

Enjoy Barcelona on New Year's Eve where hundreds of runners take to the streets for the annual 10k race.

You’ll also get to see the spectacular fireworks display as Spirit of Discovery sets sail at midnight.

Experience Ancient Traditions

Go on a Greek adventure and visit Athens and the Greek islands or take a scenic bus ride from Pigadia station to the hilltop village of Olympos.

Explore a living museum in a place where ancient traditions are upheld by its residents.

The village of Olympos