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Douro river cruises

Discover one of Europe’s most picturesque rivers – the River of Gold - on our Douro river cruises 2022

Not only is historic Oporto the second largest city in Portugal, it's also where the Douro ends its journey after crossing Portugal to meet the Atlantic.

The waterway flows through Portugal's famous wine region of Alta Douro, where the sun-kissed countryside splashed with steeply-terraced vineyards has produced wine for the past 2,000 years.

Delightful indeed is a Douro river cruise through what was once the heart of the ancient kingdom of Portugal, where there are plenty of places and sites to visit and explore. And don't forget to raise your glass with a toast of 'saude!' as you try Portugal's most famous drink.

Saga’s Douro River Cruises

Whether you’re after a jazz cruise or a special cruise for single travellers, our Douro river cruises are carefully thought out. Our excursion programme is hugely varied so you won't miss any of the Douro Valley's highlights.

VIP door-to-door travel service included on all river cruises.

VIP travel service included on all river cruises

Our popular VIP door-to-door travel service is the perfect way to get your trip on one of our Saga river cruise ships off to a great start, and it's included on all our river cruises. As one of the top European river cruise companies, we're here to make your holiday memories last a lifetime.