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Occasionally, events around the world mean that changes to holidays have to be made. Whilst these affect only a fraction of our holidays and cruises, we thought you would like to know how we deal with this type of issue when it does crop up.

Our in-house teams maintain close links with agents, local staff and Saga Hosts – as well as with official bodies such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (the FCO) – around the world and around the clock, to make sure that we are always amongst the first to know of an issue and take necessary action for our customers without delay. 

We always observe and abide by travel warnings issued by the FCO and in these cases, it may not always be possible for the original holiday to proceed. Wherever possible, therefore, we will make alternative arrangements. This may mean travelling by alternative means, on a different date or to different accommodation.

If events take place leading to changes after the holiday has begun, our Hosts and local staff always make sure that our customers are well looked after until new arrangements are made from head office. 

You can be assured that no matter what the issue, we shall do our very best to make sure you can relax and enjoy your holiday.