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River cruise experience

Discover river cruising with Saga

Enjoy a dedicated service as well as itineraries, cuisine and even entertainment chosen with you in mind

If you join us for a river cruise exclusive to Saga, this means you'll be cruising in the company of other Saga guests, so you can expect an especially friendly atmosphere onboard, with no language barriers.

We have total control over the itineraries of these cruises, which means our experts can make sure the cruises take the best possible route. This also ensures that we visit the most interesting destinations.

As well as our high standards of service, you can expect fantastic facilities and superb cuisine, with entertainment and activities specially tailored just for you.

Plus, our Saga cruise hosts and assistants are always on hand to keep you up-to-date with what's happening on the ship and to answer any questions you may have.

VIP travel service included on all river cruises

Our popular VIP door-to-door travel service is the perfect way to get your trip on one of our Saga river cruise ships off to a great start, and it's included on all our river cruises. As one of the top European river cruise companies, we're here to make your holiday memories last a lifetime. 

Champagne glasses on deck

So much included in the price

Relax and enjoy the scenery rolling by on deck from a lounger

Life on board

The spectacular city of Budapest


Celebrity guests on board

We are delighted to announce that a host of special celebrity guests will be joining a selection of cruises to bring a fascinating extra dimension to your holiday.