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German river cruises

Discover the popular and lesser-explored waterways of Germany on a German river cruise

For a cruise with a difference, join us on a journey through the heart of Germany.

Think of German waterways and the chances are, the Rhine, Danube or Elbe rivers will come to mind. Yet tucked away are other charming waterways in the form of canals, plus rivers including the beautiful Moselle, a tributary of the Rhine, famous for the wines produced in its valley.

The impressive Midland (Mittelland) Canal, at around 200 miles, is the longest artificial waterway in Germany while the Kusten Canal links to the River Weser, which flows through marshlands and meadows as it moves south.

What better way to discover these impressive waterways than on German river cruises in 2022?

Enjoy river cruises in Germany with Saga

Our exciting German river cruise packages include cruises on the popular Rhine, Danube and Elbe rivers, as well as smaller cruises on the lesser known rivers and canals.

Choose a secret cruise of the German waterways, or perhaps book a longer cruise package that follows the river through multiple countries and well-known cities.

Germany river cruises in 2022 also include our VIP door-to-door travel service.

VIP travel service included on all river cruises

Our popular VIP door-to-door travel service is the perfect way to get your trip on one of our Saga river cruise ships off to a great start, and it's included on all our river cruises. As one of the top European river cruise companies, we're here to make your holiday memories last a lifetime.