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Captains' blogs - Latest entries

  • Spirit of Discovery blog

    Jun 19, 2019

    Episode 13: Sailing out onto open water

    Spirit of Discovery leaves the shipyard and heads towards Dover!

  • Spirit of Discovery blog

    Jun 18, 2019

    Episode 12: Spirit of Discovery emerges into the sun

    Spirit of Discovery leaves her building hall to float out into the sun

  • Saga Sapphire blog

    Jun 7, 2019

    Ponta Delgada

    Hunting the Gulf Stream. . .

  • Spirit of Discovery blog

    Jun 6, 2019

    Episode 11: the finer details

    Join us as we visit the historic Villeroy & Boch

  • Saga Sapphire blog

    Jun 2, 2019


    Slightly Soggy Day. . .

  • Saga Sapphire blog

    Jun 1, 2019


    The Other Sydney!

  • Saga Sapphire blog

    May 31, 2019


    Yorks or Lancs. . . A Little Slice of Home!

  • Saga Sapphire blog

    May 29, 2019


    Job Swap for Silverline!