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French river cruises

Discover fine wines, culture and medieval heritage on a cruise of the French Waterways

Discover good food and fine wine, culture and medieval heritage on our river cruises in France. Setting off on our French river cruises offers the opportunity to explore several destinations in one trip. It is a pleasant coincidence that the Rhone and the Saone meet in Lyon, the country’s gastronomic capital.

With voyages covering places such as Bordeaux, Provence, the Loire and Normandy, many choose to enjoy voyages here so that they can soak up the unique and vivid culture on offer in each destination.

Luggage collection and delivery service

Available when you travel by Eurostar or fly

The Baggageman service collects your luggage from your home before your departure and delivers it to your ship or extension hotel ready for your arrival, so you can enjoy a relaxed journey without the hassle of carrying your heavy bags. At the end of your holiday, your luggage will be transported home for you.

Available on selected French waterways cruises.

For all other cruises you can choose to add this service for a supplement.

French River Cruises with Saga

We have a diverse range of the best French river cruises to suit an array of interests and abilities.

The most famous French waterway is the Seine, a slow-flowing river that is 486 miles long. The Seine rises at Dijon near the Swiss Alps before flowing through Paris and finally into the English Channel.

French river cruises allow you to float leisurely along the Seine and the lesser-known Oise, revealing a host of captivating French landscapes, historic chateaux and riverside towns.

A trip through the waterways of Paris at night is nothing short of magical, and heading off on a French river cruise will give you the chance to discover for yourself why these waters inspired the famed French impressionists.

VIP travel service included on all river cruises

Our popular VIP door-to-door travel service is the perfect way to get your trip on one of our Saga river cruise ships off to a great start, and it's included on all our river cruises. As one of the top European river cruise companies, we're here to make your holiday memories last a lifetime.