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Sail away with Saga and ORCA

Discover our ocean's stunning marine life on an ORCA cruise

For over a decade, Saga has invited experts from the marine wildlife conservation charity, ORCA on board their ships. The ORCA wildlife specialists enhance the cruises with whale and dolphin watching from the outside decks, informative talks and lots more!

Start planning your ORCA cruise today.

Life on board with ORCA

Every cruise is different, and as whales and dolphins are highly mobile, migratory species, anything can be seen at any time! We have had fantastic successes on previous Saga adventures and over the years we have sighted tens of thousands of animals and incredible species such as orcas, belugas, blue whales, humpback whales and Cuvier’s beaked whales – just to name a few! 

In 2021, over 3,000 individual animals were sighted on just a handful of cruises. Highlights from 2021 include sightings of over 1,800 acrobatic common dolphins and 32 fin whales (the second largest animal on the planet, growing up to 27m long)! A walrus was even seen on the Isles of Scilly! Using the binoculars supplied, guests can join the ORCA team to help spot animals, identify species and learn more about them.

Birds and other wildlife

Of course, there’s more than just sea life. ORCA and our guests have also recorded countless birds on our ORCA cruise trips - a total of 160 species.

This has included white-tailed sea eagle, puffins, kittiwakes and razorbills. It’s a birdwatcher’s heaven.

On one trip to arctic Norway, guests even spotted an elusive polar bear in its natural habitat.

Themed activities to join in

On days at sea, guests sailing on our ORCA charity cruises can enjoy deck watches with the experts. There’s also the chance to spend time as a volunteer and collect data for the team to use in their research.

The ORCA team also hold informative talks, and sometimes join special wildlife excursions ashore too. All add to the enriching ORCA cruise experience for our guests, along with a packed programme of activities and entertainment.

Our Commitment

Saga’s commitment to safeguarding the environment extends via a marine conservation project undertaken by the ORCA charity. ORCA believes that the only way to protect our whales and dolphins is to identify areas where they are vulnerable and study their habitats. That way, we can protect these places by changing the way we use them. The ocean faces so many threats including shipping, fishing, noise pollution and marine litter, and by supporting ORCA’s data collection Saga can help to provide a local solution to a global problem and play an important part in safeguarding the ocean for the future. The charity’s trained volunteers frequently travel on our ocean cruise ships to carry out valuable conservation work, here’s what they have said about our support;

"Saga is integral to our conservation work. With a team of four Marine Mammal Surveyors being on a forward facing platform onboard the Saga ships means we can collect high quality data which is actively fed back to Government and key policy and legislation decision makers."