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Sail away with Saga and ORCA

Discover our ocean's stunning marine life on an ORCA cruise

Seeing amazing animals such as whales and dolphins in their natural habitat is a thrilling experience. Not only do our smaller ships make it happen, but we also invite marine charity ORCA on selected cruises.

Thanks to the ORCA charity's specialist knowledge, you can enjoy exciting deck watches and fun talks with wildlife experts, getting closer to these magnificent mammals than you’d ever thought possible.

Start planning your dream ORCA cruise today.

ORCA, the marine experts at sea

Formed in 2001, ORCA is an independent charity, dedicated to learning more about marine life and protecting it for future generations. One of the patrons of the ORCA charity is TV presenter and wildlife expert, Chris Packham.

With more than a third of the world’s whales, dolphin and porpoise species found in UK and European waters, ORCA share their research across the globe, providing a local solution to worldwide issues.

Dolphins, whales and porpoises

During a decade of cruising with Saga, the ORCA experts and our guests have encountered a stunning array of animals.

The most recorded is the short-beaked common dolphin with 7538 individual sightings.

In addition, they’ve seen a total of 134 orcas, 217 humpback whales and 28 blue whales, along with countless other dolphin species, seals and harbour porpoises – even enigmatic basking sharks and a sperm whale with its calf.

Birds and other wildlife

Of course, there’s more than just sea life. ORCA and our guests have also recorded countless birds on our ORCA cruise trips - a total of 160 species.

This has included white-tailed sea eagle, puffins, kittiwakes and razorbills. It’s a birdwatcher’s heaven.

On one trip to arctic Norway, guests even spotted an elusive polar bear in its natural habitat.

Themed activities to join in

On days at sea, guests sailing on our ORCA charity cruises can enjoy exciting deck watches with the experts. There’s also the chance to spend time as a volunteer and collect data for the team to use in their research.

The ORCA team also hold informative talks, and sometimes join special wildlife excursions ashore too. All add to the enriching ORCA cruise experience for our guests, along with a packed programme of activities and entertainment.