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Where we go

Discover the world behind the horizon on board our boutique cruise ships

Being smaller means we can take you to lesser-known ports, little islands and out-of-the-way harbours that larger ships have to sail past, for some really amazing and once in a lifetime adventures when you step ashore.


Cruise the stunning fjords to see Mother Nature at her finest.

With Saga, you'll be on a smaller ship, so you'll berth alongside small towns and quays getting you closer to the sights and right in the heart of the action.

British Isles & Ireland

Discover the surprising attractions right here on your doorstep.

Our beautiful, small ships seek out ports in England, Scotland and Ireland for surprising experiences and unforgettable moments so close to home.

The Mediterranean

Our Mediterranean cruises are a fantastic way to explore many different cities.

But it's even better than that – you’ll also discover beautiful, sun-kissed islands such as Corsica, Sardinia and Minorca, combining busy day's sightseeing with gentler days of relaxing.

The Caribbean

Relax into the slower pace of life in the tropical sunshine.

From idyllic isles like St Lucia to the hidden gems of Nevis and Grenada, there's so much to discover.

The Baltic

Brimming with culture and exquisite architecture, the Baltic is packed with cities such as St Petersburg.

Hop on one of our small ships and spend two weeks sailing around the region, choosing from a selection of varied and inspiring experiences.


Our own continent is packed with amazing sights to explore from the ocean.

Hop aboard for just four, five or six nights and you’ll be surprised by how much you can see and do.

The Canary Islands

So much more than sun, sea and sand, although you can enjoy all those too.

With great weather all-year-round, they’re a great choice to sail south for some ‘winter sun’ on the islands’ flawless beaches.


Experience Mother Nature's incredible natural wonders.

Seek out Arctic wildlife and mighty waterfalls, be astounded by snow-capped mountains, and try bathing in the famous geothermal Blue Lagoon.

Far East

The wonders of Asia are just waiting to be discovered by ship.

From neon cities, forbidden towns and jungle-hidden temples to turquoise seas and white sand beaches, exploring the zingy Far East will spice up your life.

North & Central America

Head across the Atlantic for adventures in the USA, Canada and Central America.

Seek out the jungles and Aztec ruins of Central America, or the captivating autumn colours of rural Canada.

Middle East & Africa

Explore history and fascinating cultures in the Middle East and Africa.

Want to experience something really different on your cruise? Then jump on to one of these exciting voyages across the Atlantic or to Africa’s southern shores.

Destination you're looking for not here?

Cruise to these amazing destinations with our handpicked partner cruises lines.

Indian Subcontinent

Hop between a string of sunshine ports and exotic islands.

You’ll see extraordinary diversity while sunshine, great beaches and a warm welcome are guaranteed.


Experience some of the world's most diverse and magnificent landscapes, or sit back and relax on pristine sand beaches.