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Danube river cruises

River Cruises on the Danube

Take a journey through unique countries, and discover the breathtaking sights of Europe. Travel from Prague to Budapest, Vienna to Budapest, or perhaps explore the Black Sea Coast. Saga is proud to showcase a wide range of Danube river cruises, designed to suit every occasion and price range. Read more about our Danube river cruises for 2024, and book your next adventure.

The River Danube is Europe's second longest river, flowing for more than 1700 miles across the heart of Europe, from the Black Forest of Germany to the iron gate and the Black Sea in eastern Europe. Along the way, you can see some of the continent’s most stunning landscapes and beautiful cities, such as Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

A long river with a long history

Danube river cruises offer travellers a wonderful chance to explore the region's long and interesting history. Napoleon is said to have described the Danube as 'the Queen of Europe's rivers', which is hardly surprising if you consider that it passes through 10 countries and 18 territories! Our Danube river cruises in 2024 are the perfect way to explore what his beautiful waterway has to offer. 

The Danube River flows through some of Europe's famous cities and countryside – historic Budapest in Hungary, magical Vienna in Austria, the UNESCO cultural landscape of the Wachau Valley and the stunning Danube Delta. No wonder it was immortalised by Johann Strauss in his famous waltz, The Blue Danube.

The name of the river originates from a Latin Roman river god, known as Danubius, or Danuvius. Indigenous Slavonic tribes referred to The Danube as ‘the Great Water’.

A map showing the 8 countries Saga cruise through on the Danube River - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania

Danube River Cruises with Saga

If you head off on Danube cruises you'll be given the opportunity to take in various ports of call, enjoying optional excursions around the region. All cruises with Saga are tailored specifically for the over 50's, but with careful consideration to the diversity of the age bracket.

What makes Saga different to other tour operators is that the majority of our Danube cruise packages include a range of extras. For our longer river cruises, we include our return UK travel service for free. Take a look at what’s included.

Our carefully picked Danube River Cruises offer different ways of cruising this beautiful river, depending on where you want to start and end up and how long you want to go for.

A driver ready to pick up passengers outside a house, as part of our return UK travel service

Return UK travel service included on all river cruises

Our popular return UK travel service is the perfect way to get your trip on one of our Saga river cruise ships off to a great start, and it's included on all our river cruises.

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