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Our favourite foodie destinations to visit in 2021

20th May, 2020

One of the most exciting parts of visiting a new area of the world is getting to explore all that its food scene has to offer - from street food and snacks to dishes with great historical significance.

If you’re a true foodie at heart, then you may even find yourself planning your next adventure around the delicious foods that you want to try. Whether it's a fresh Peruvian ceviche or a classic British afternoon tea, there are tons of incredible signature dishes out there just waiting to be tried - so where do you start first? We’ve shortlisted five of our top foodie destinations to visit in 2021, including some of the delicious delicacies you can try on your travels.


Seek out Pintxos in San Sebastian

You don’t have to venture far from the UK to find yourself in the midst of some of the world’s most impressive culinary delights. In fact, hop across the pond to Spain and you’ll find yourself inundated with delicious options, whether you start in the north or make your way straight to the southern coast.

San Sebastian is a city that’s globally recognised for its quality cuisine; widely regarded as the heart of Spain’s food scene. As one of the cities with the most Michelin stars per capita, you’ll find plenty of options if you want to push your palate and enjoy some avante-garde eats. However, you’ll also find plenty of delicious little pintxo bars and tapas restaurants, offering an authentic slice of Spanish culture. The Basque region as a whole has a vast array of foods to tempt visitors, from the seafood delicacy, angulas - the ‘caviar of Northern Spain’ - to Basque-style salt cod, traditionally served in vizcaina sauce.

For the classics, head south to Malaga and the surrounding cities to enjoy one of Spain’s most famous dishes, paella, or try to resist the tantalising scent of sizzling gambas pil pil - a true Spanish favourite.


Try a delicious traditional ceviche

Peruvian cuisine has become more and more popular in the past five years, and with good reason. With an exciting combination of fresh seafood, zingy flavours, and hearty meat dishes, there’s something to make sure that everyone’s taste buds are happy. With a perfect balance of indigenous ingredients and inspirations taken from other areas - including Europe and Africa - Peruvian cuisine offers a truly unique eating experience.

Not sure where to start? Find yourself a delicious traditional ceviche - Peru’s national dish. It’s made by tossing super fresh raw fish in citrus juice, salt, crisp onion and chillies, effectively cooking the fish with the acid. There’s also Lomo Saltado, the traditional stir fried beef dish which takes inspiration from the Far East, combining soy-marinated beef with onions, tomatoes, chillies and spices. A real crowd pleaser. Wash it all down with a traditional mezcal cocktail or a Pisco Sour, a fresh, frothy cocktail with a citrus hit.


Toast Skagen, a mixture of prawns, mayo, dill and lemon

The Scandinavian region in Northern Europe has a vast and varied culture stretching back decades - all of which shows itself in the food. Cities like Stockholm, Sweden, benefit from a bounty of produce due to their prime location - surrounded by rich waters and vast forests. Try Toast Skagen, a mixture of prawns, mayo, dill and lemon on top of crunchy bread, with a dome of fish roe on top. Or, for the classics, hearty Swedish meatballs are a must - served with mashed potatoes and ever-present lingonberries - as well as cinnamon buns, a true Swedish favourite to have with morning coffee.

In Bergen, one of our Cruise destinations in Norway, head to the fish markets to see some of the world’s best seafood - a Norwegian tradition dating back to 1200. Sample impossibly fresh raw oysters right from the fishermen themselves, or grab a few bags of just cooked shrimps to enjoy at the edge of the water. If you’re looking for the taste of the sea, then Scandinavia never disappoints.

The British Isles

Be sure to taste an Orkney crab

When we think of the world’s favourite foodie destinations, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that they’re all overseas. But the British Isles offer tons of opportunities for travellers looking to treat their taste buds in 2021, and it isn’t all about the big cities.

The Orkney Islands are just one example of where a unique history and heritage melds to create an array of delicious foods. Sample delicious Orkney cheddar, enjoy some of the islands’ famous mutton, or make the most of the impressive variety of seafood - from hand-dived scallops to salmon and crab claws. If you fancy a chip supper, sample one of the islands’ pattie suppers - consisting of mince, potatoes, onion, pepper and spices, combined, battered and deep fried, and served in almost every fish and chip shop in the area.

On our Taste of the British Isles cruise, we join our host at a local restaurant in Kirkwall to sample Orkney’s top quality local food and drink, accompanied by captivating stories into the success of the food and drink industry in the area.


Tramezzino is a triangular sandwich made with soft white bread and a host of filling options

You can’t talk about the world’s foodie favourites without instantly thinking about Italy. Italians are renowned all over the world for the incredible array of delicious dishes, with the whole country dotted with its own classics and specialities. Head to Tuscany to enjoy rich, rustic dishes, all paired with lashings of wonderful wine; Chianti is a must-visit area for this very reason if you’re heading to Tuscany.

Another foodie favourite is Venice, where you’ll find delicious spots to eat and drink in amongst all of the world-famous sights. Sample fegato alla Veneziana, a liver-based main course renowned in the city, or snack on tramezzino to sustain your sightseeing. These triangular sandwiches, typically made with soft white bread, come jam-packed with a host of filling options - from mozzarella to prosciutto cotto and shredded radicchio.


Fresh crowberries with dew drops

Interested in pushing your palate in 2021? Then set your sights on Greenland to experience the tastes and sights of this beautiful country - a land steeped in myths and legends. Northern arctic countries are renowned for their penchant for some unusual, and often controversial meats - such as puffin and whale - but that’s not the extent of the country’s foodie endeavours. Local produce is stunning, from tart little crowberries, perfect in jams or desserts, to the wonderfully fatty Greenlandic salmon, which can sometimes prove elusive to find. You’ll also see plenty of delicious Greenlandic lamb from farms in the south of the country, or, if you want to be a little more adventurous, try reindeer meat - a staple in most restaurants.

Don’t forget to make time for a little Greenlandic coffee too; this alcoholic treat can be found in almost all bars and restaurants, and is the perfect way to warm up after a day exploring.

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