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BBC Studios Cruises

An exciting new partnership with BBC Studios

Exciting news! We are now partnering with BBC Studios, for a selection of special cruises. Joining you on board will be celebrity guests and experts from some of your favourite TV shows.

From Strictly Come Dancing to Sky at Night, enjoy dazzling performances in the on-board Playhouse theatre along with themed talks, Q&As and more. All included in the price.

This is the first time BBC Studios have partnered with a cruise line, bringing these unique experiences from your television screen to our beautiful boutique ships!

Strictly Come Dancing

Watch dazzling performances from the UK’s most popular TV show…

Luba Mushtuk, one BBC's Strictly Come Dancing professionals

‘Strictly’ is one of the most popular entertainment shows on British television, filled with glitz and glamour as celebrities join talented professional dancers and learn how to dance.

Luba Mushtuk Image Credit © BBC

Vito Coppola, one BBC's Strictly Come Dancing professionals

On two magical cruises, join Strictly professionals, including Luba Mushtuk and Vito Coppola, doing what they do best, delivering showstopping performances in the ship’s Playhouse theatre!

Vito Coppola Image Credit © BBC

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The Sky at Night

Look up for a fresh perspective of the brilliant skies above us…

Dame Maggie Aderin-Pocock DBE, presenter of BBC's 'The Sky at Night'

A staple of British television, ‘The Sky at Night’ has brought the world of astronomy and space to our screens for over 65 years. Covering subjects such as black holes, neutron stars, satellites and space missions the show has become a cultural fixture featuring on stamps issued by the Royal Mail and even having a comet named after it. Dame Maggie Aderin-Pocock DBE is a space scientist and science educator. She has presented the programme since 2013 with Chris Lintott. Maggie also undertakes ground-breaking space science research and works to inspire new generations of astronauts, scientists and engineers and is a pioneering figure in communicating science to children.

Over two appearances on board, Maggie will give you an insight into her stellar career, the world of science and space exploration, and how she takes the most complex astrophysics and makes it accessible for the non-scientist. She will also tell you about the making of ‘The Sky at Night’, its long history, and how it continues to engage the audience with astronomy and space science.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock Image Credit © Fremantle Media Talkback

Human with Ella Al-Shamahi

Head back in time to the beginnings of human history…

BBC presenter Ella Al-Shamahi

Explorer, evolutionary biologist, paleoanthropologist, writer and stand-up comedian, Ella has presented a range of television programmes for BBC Studios. This includes ‘Neanderthals – Meet Your Ancestors’, ‘Horizon – Body Clock’, ‘Waterhole’ and the new flagship science programme ‘Human’ which transmits on BBC Two in 2025. ‘Human’ tells the story of how humanity went from being just one of many hominin species to the dominant form of life of Earth.

BBC presenter Ella Al-Shamahi

On board, Ella will give you an insight into her career and work from researching Neanderthal history to exploring for fossils in danger zones around the World. She will also give an insight into the making of the new BBC Studios produced series ‘Human’ and the ground-breaking techniques and research involved to bring the story of mankind to the screen so join Ella for two appearances in the Playhouse theatre.

Ella Al-Shamahi Image Credit © Windfall Films Robert Hollingworth

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Millennium FX

Go behind the scenes of Doctor Who, Silent Witness and more…

Millennium FX Director, Kate Walshe with one of their special effect transformations

Millennium FX are a multi award-winning visual effects company who have worked extensively on BBC Studios productions as well as many other TV shows, major Hollywood films, West End-theatre productions and international tours. From Doctor Who to Silent Witness, Gladiator to Saving Private Ryan, Phantom of the Opera to Stranger Things, The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to Iron Maiden, Millennium FX made have prosthetics, costumes, animatronics and props, bringing the fantastical to the stage and screen.

Millennium FX Director, Kate Walshe standing next to a special effect mummy and a Cyberman mask

On board the ship, Millennium FX Director, Kate Walshe, will tell you all about the fascinating world of visual effects, and how some of the weird, wild and wonderful effects used on BBC Studios produced programmes are created. In one of her two talks, Kate will also demonstrate how to turn an ordinary man into a gruesome vampire!

Kate Walshe Image Credit © BBC

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