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Antwerp River Cruises For Over 50s

Explore the World’s Diamond Capital on an Antwerp River Cruise

Set beside the River Scheldt, the Flemish port city of Antwerp has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Among its highlights is the 16th-century Market Square, which is home to the famous Brabo fountain and a large Gothic cathedral. The city was a centre for the arts in the Renaissance period, with Rubens and Van Dyck both living and working here.

Antwerp is also one of the leading centres in the world diamond industry, and there are numerous diamond traders, cutters and polishers housed in the city’s centuries-old Diamond District houses.

See more of Antwerp on an optional excursion…

Join a river cruise to Antwerp and explore the city’s medieval cobblestone streets independently or on an optional excursion.

Museum of Fine Arts, Belgium, Antwerp

Antwerp City Walk

Discover Antwerp and with it, one of Europe’s largest ports. After a short coach transfer into the city you can walk through the attractive old centre passing sights such as the Market Square, which features gabled guild houses, cafes, the Brabo Fountain, dedicated to the mythical Roman soldier Silvius Brabo, and the 16th-century City Hall. Continue to the Vlaaikensgang (Pie Alley), an alley that is typical of medieval Antwerp.