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Amsterdam River Cruises For Over 50s

Cruise to Amsterdam in 2024/2025

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most captivating cities. Woven with waterways that date back to the Netherlands’ prosperous past, joined together by historic humped bridges and edged by attractive gabled houses, the city plays host to a long list of fascinating sites.

Taking a cruise to Amsterdam from the UK offers up the opportunity to spend time exploring this storied city. European trade connections and a political shift on the continent in the 16th century saw Amsterdam’s fortunes boom. Flourishing into a thriving hub of commerce and culture, the city swiftly grew to become one of Europe’s most important ports, thus heralding the Dutch Golden Age.

World-class museums, world-heritage canals and a wealth of architecture tell the story of Amsterdam’s colourful past. Meanwhile cosy bars and eateries, art galleries and pleasant city parks create a cosmopolitan landscape that blends old and new. It’s no wonder that the Dutch capital is such a popular city break destination.

Thankfully, a Saga river cruise to Amsterdam means you can spend time enjoying the city’s eclectic blend of local life, historical sights and cultural gems. Your holiday starts the moment you step aboard the ship. Unpack only once and let us do all the planning for you. Your Amsterdam adventure awaits.