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During your flight

Saga's Travel Extras


Get your holiday off to a relaxing start

Why not add some finishing touches to your flight, to make your travel to your holiday destination more relaxing? We offer a few little flight extras, so you can fly in comfort and style.

Flight upgrades

Most scheduled airlines offer the chance to upgrade your flight booking to business class or first class, depending on the destination. We can do that for you to save you calling the airline. A flight upgrade includes a more spacious seat, as well as complimentary meals and drinks.

Extra legroom

If a little bit more space is all you are after, then you can request seats within economy class, that have additional legroom. These are subject to availability, so let us know as early as you can so we can try and book these for you.

To find out more about prices for flight upgrades and extra legroom, please speak to one of our live chat advisors online or you can contact us.