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Before you go

Saga's Travel Extras


Booked your holiday?

Then it’s time to get planning! If you’re keen to make your trip as hassle free as possible, there’s still a few extras you can put in place before you go on holiday.

Travel insurance

It's important to be insured when you travel, to ensure you are well looked after in the event of a problem. If you book your overseas holiday or cruise with us, we offer optional travel insurance as standard, so you can enjoy your trip all the more.

Extra luggage

Travelling light might be on some people’s agendas, but for others there is a piece of mind in taking a little bit extra on your holiday. It might be to avoid rental fees for sports equipment whilst you’re away, or it might just be because you want more choice on what to wear. Whatever your reason, you can book additional luggage before your holiday, to avoid wasting time at the airport.

Travel guides

You needn’t go on an expedition to find some information about the destination you are visiting. Our Inspire Me section is equipped with travel guides, from popular city guides, and resort articles, to world events directories and top 10 reasons to visit specific countries. We also have a section dedicated to travel advice, including tips and hacks on how to get prepared for your trip.

VIP door-to-door travel service

Our VIP door-to-door travel service is a FREE service that we include on all long-haul holidays and selected European tours. Our chauffeurs will collect you from your home, along with a few other passengers in your vicinity and will take you to the airport drop off point, saving you on airport parking and airport shuttles. Upon return, they will collect you from arrivals and drop you off at your individual homes. Sharing transport in this way minimises carbon footprint and helps to support sustainable tourism.

One of our chauffeur's greet customers at their home

To book any of the above extras before you go, contact us.