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At the airport

Saga's Travel Extras


Airports are a bit like Marmite - you either love them or hate them

Some people absolutely relish the opportunity to have a mooch and a shop ahead of a flight, whereas others find airports uninspiring places and can’t wait to just get to their destination. Whichever camp you are in, Saga’s range of airport extras are designed to make your experience more comfortable, whilst you wait for your flight.

Airport Parking

Save 30% on airport parking, when you book via Saga. We work with a fantastic travel partner Holiday Extras for airport parking, ensuring you get a guaranteed parking space in a car park close to the airport terminal. Complimentary shuttle bus included, to and from the airport.

Airport Hotels

Whilst we always try to include flights departures during the daytime for our holidays, it’s not always possible. If your flight departs overnight or very early in the morning, booking an airport hotel saves travelling to the airport during unsociable hours. Our airport hotels are all located minutes from the terminal and include 10% off when booking through Saga.

Airport Lounges

An airport lounge allows you to escape the airport mayhem and relax somewhere calm. Sit back with cup of tea or coffee and get started on your new holiday read or perhaps enjoy a few drinks to kick-start your holiday. Our airport lounge partner Holiday Extras offers the best quality airport lounges at 29 airports around the UK. What’s more, we offer 10% off.

A stylish airport lounge

To book any of the above extras before you go, contact us.