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Spirit of Adventure blog

Cyprus & Antalya

11th April, 2023

Another two pleasant, relaxing days at sea passed before we made landfall in Limassol, Cyprus. Sun-baked vistas, scattered olive trees, orchards, pine forests dotted with plenty of well-preserved medieval structures all create the embodiment of a typical postcard Mediterranean landscape here. Our tours all provided various means of visiting all of the above. However, I decided to take a bicycle ashore today for a ride around Limassol, the coastline and city outskirts.

From my two-wheeled excursion I was able to draw two conclusions: Limassol is not particularly bike-friendly, and Cypriot weather forecasters do not work over the Easter holiday period. After lugging my bicycle up onto the umpteenth foot-high pavement whereupon my cycle path had again abruptly come to an end, the heavens opened and gale force winds suddenly struck. I sought shelter in a nearby café to await the storm’s passage, as well as again verifying that the latest weather forecast still predicted clear skies and calm conditions. Fortunately, by the time I returned to the ship, the sun had reappeared and provided a good chance for me to blow-dry on my return leg. All in all, I enjoyed a good adventure, and returned with both bicycle and all limbs intact.

The following day, we popped across to Turkey – just north of Cyprus. Antalya’s old town is fantastic; cobbled streets lined with souks, bars & restaurants all perched on a hillside encircling the old harbour. For those who didn’t fancy exploring an old town on foot, tours voyaged off to everything ranging from forests, waterfalls, mountains, ancient remains and aqueducts. One could even take a trip on the Tahtali Aerial Cableway, reaching an elevation of 7,757ft and providing spectacular views over the Turkish Riviera and nearby snow-capped Mount Olympos.

Back in the old town, it was a delight to enjoy a real Turkish kebab in a restaurant with a view, before heading back on board to prepare for our passage over to another fantastic old town upon an island of the same name…

Kind Regards
Captain Kim Tanner

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