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Spirit of Adventure blog

At Sea

6th March, 2023

As the Northern Lights, formally called Aurora Borealis, by definition, is an atmospheric phenomenon, who can guarantee that you will be able to see it? After leaving Alesund I gave my Bridge Officers instructions, if they were to encounter a bright showing of the Northern Lights, to make an announcement to all guest areas of the ship, any time of the day or night.

While at sea on our way to Tromso, around 20:30 for no specific reason, just as a routine, I came to the Bridge. 2nd Officer Craig was just about to make THE announcement. Before going through with the announcement, excitedly he asked me, “Captain have you seen it?” He obviously thought that I came because of the Lights.

While Craig was making the announcement, informing all our passengers that Northern Lights were visible on our starboard side, I pulled my phone out of my pocket for some pictures. 3rd Officer Niall also had his phone in his hands. We then thought that we will probably be able to get a better view from Deck 12, so I run upstairs where unfortunately by the time I got there the phenomenon was not visible anymore. Niall though, was kind enough to share some amazing pictures with me.

What a great experience! As they say: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Kind Regards
Captain Krešo Volarić

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