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Spirit of Adventure blog

Bantry Bay

15th September, 2022

Our arrival into Bantry Bay will really be memorable to me. What a beautiful scenery with multiple fascinating shades of green. Something you would naturally expect to see when visiting country identified as the Emerald Isle.

After dropping the anchor, surrounded by Blue shell mussels farms, it was clear to me what would be the best choice for lunch that day. The local Pilot was a very friendly and welcoming chap, who suggested I visit the town with its long history and strong association with the sea. The weather forecast was good, the anchor was holding as well, so I decided to explore more.

The walk was quite relaxing and pleasant to this very small and friendly town. While walking and wandering around it was obvious that the terrace of one particular restaurant was getting pretty full with customers, so concluding this good sign, the decision was easily made.

If I were to share a hint with you, I would say to always look where local people are going for lunch.

The terrace was already full, however there was one place available inside, waiting for me. The lady sitting right next to me asked me if I was here as tourist or to work. Didn’t say what kind of work though. She mentioned that she is a tourist guide, so I thought if she is eating here it must be good. The owner quickly came to take my order and recommended the mussels, exactly what I was looking for. I have to admit that they were delicious. Here the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf Stream and creates the perfect environment for organic mussel farms. These mussels are well known by chefs in France, Italy and Ireland.

On my way out, I asked the owner if it gets busy every day and he said yes, but today even more because there is a cruise ship at the anchor in the bay. I replied with a smile: I know, I am the Captain… He was both surprised and delighted at the same time. Through our nice chat he mentioned that his uncle is actually also Croatian…what a small world.

I guess it’s until next time we meet for now…

Kind regards
Captain Krešo Volarić

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