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Spirit of Adventure blog

Las Palmas

13th January, 2022

A busy morning in Las Palmas. We had the pilot booked for 07:30, following in our sister ship, Spirit of Discovery. In order to dock at our assigned pier I had to swing the ship and back her around the dolphin. Not the easiest of manoeuvres as we had a bunch of sailing boats anchored on the western side and a container ship with a barge moored to it on the eastern side of the swinging basin. All went smoothly as planned.

As Staff Captain Denis hadn’t been ashore since the Caribbean, I told him to go ashore in the afternoon. The day was beautiful, so I decided to go for a run in the morning. I was planning to run along the harbour and the marina, but Chief Officer Adam suggested a better route along the beach which stretched for 3 km. The air temperature of 22 degrees C and a gentle breeze made my run very pleasant. When I reached the SW end of the beach I took a couple of nice shots and then turned back.

I came back on board just in time for lunch. The afternoon was as beautiful as the morning so I decided to spend my afternoon on the open decks. It took me an hour just to complete my walk on deck 14. So many guests were enjoying the sunshine and all were in a mood for a chat. I was very happy to oblige.

Our departure was in the hands of Capt. Colm who did an excellent job. He is settling in really well, I must admit. We set sail on a NE course towards Lisbon, just as the sun set behind the western side of the island of Gran Canaria.

Kind Regards
Captain Franko Papić

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