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Spirit of Adventure blog

St John's

18th December, 2021

I have embarked the Spirit of Adventure back in Ponta Delgada and spent 3 days in isolation as required by our ongoing COVID-19 controls. reading books, playing guitar and enjoying the sun and the North Atlantic Ocean breeze. I only took over the command of the ship from Captain Bowland once we arrived to St. John in Antigua. An hour later, after I have donned the uniform, I went to the pier, accompanied by Hotel Manager Werner, to meet the representatives from the Port, the Tourist Office and the Ministry.

It felt like half of the Island came to greet us. We were the newest vessel to call the Port of St. John this year and we were assigned the newest pier that hasn’t even had its official opening ceremony. With lots of sunshine and light easterly breeze it was a very pleasant experience. We had been scheduled to change piers in the late afternoon, but when the Port representatives asked me to let them know if I need anything during our stay, I have politely asked not to move us from our current pier. An hour later, I got confirmation that no vessel movement is required!

Our evening event was supposed to be held on the Lido deck, under the stars, but the weather did not want to cooperate. Forecast was calling for dry evening, but I guess nobody told that to the clouds. Half an hour before we were supposed to start the party, rain showers started. Not long or heavy, but enough to make the deck wet and slippery. Therefore, we had to move the event from Lido to Britannia Lounge. Still, it was well attended and our guests seemed to enjoy it.

The following morning brought little change in the weather, but lots of activity for guests and crew. Whilst our guests were ashore exploring the delights of Antigua, Saga’s head office team had arranged COVID-19 booster jabs for the crew with a medical team flying in from the United States to assist.

Kind Regards
Captain Franko Papić

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