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Voyages to Antiquity

Destination-rich itineraries to fascinating destinations

Small-ship cruising at its best

With many years’ experience in small-ship cruising, Voyages to Antiquity prides itself on its meticulously planned itineraries to some of the world’s most exciting and interesting destinations.

These cruises are designed for those who want a real insight into the destinations they are visiting. As well as hotel stays before or after most cruises, shore excursions are included in virtually every port of call, plus up to three guest speakers accompany every departure, and give a series of talks on the history, archaeology, art, mythology, botany or viticulture of the places you are visiting. These lectures are specifically designed to complement shore excursions.

Aegean Odyssey’s small size means she can visit ports and islands that larger ships cannot reach. Discover the islands of the Aegean, Greece and Southern Italy, the cities of the Mediterranean, the Baltic Capitals or the Dalmatian Coast, and uncover the Greece’s ancient ruins, learn about the history behind the architecture of St Petersburg and marvel at the artistic heritage of Italy.

Choose Voyages to Antiquity for...

  • Cruises designed for travellers who want to understand the history, culture and natural wonders of the ancient world
  • Destination-rich itineraries
  • A lecture programme which connect you to the places you visit before you go ashore
  • Included shore excursions that complement the lecture programme
  • Included hotel stays before or after most cruises
  • Small ship cruising aboard a mid-sized vessel that carries 350 guests
  • Classic cruise experience and a relaxed on-board atmosphere

MV Aegean Odyssey

Enjoy the finest traditions of cruising aboard this elegant a mid-sized vessel.

This great-value package is exclusive to Cruise World, and only available when booking with Saga.

The Saga price includes all this…

There is no mandatory dress code, although passengers are asked to kindly refrain from wearing shorts in the à la carte Marco Polo restaurant. Aside from this one request, the overall atmosphere of Aegean Odyssey can be described as country-club casual. T-shirts and shorts are perfectly acceptable for dining in the Terrace Café, as are jeans and smart trousers.

In the evening, the regular cocktail hour in the Charleston Lounge provides an opportunity for you to unwind and exchange stories with your fellow passengers, usually to the sound of a string trio or pianist. For this kind of event its recommend dressing as you might for any cultural occasion. Men often like a polo shirt and slacks, or perhaps a collar and jacket. For women, a favourite ensemble or something universal and familiar.

For our Captain’s cocktail evenings, some guests like to ‘dress up’ and so you might wish to pack that special outfit.

With an open seating dining policy, you can choose when, where and with whom to dine, plus there is a casual dress code so you won’t have to pack so many clothes. Wine is included with your evening meal.

Most cruises with Voyages to Antiquity include a hotel stay before or after your cruise in some of the best 4 and 5-star hotels. Breakfasts, sightseeing tours, transfers and baggage handling are all included, and when touring outside Athens all meals are also included.

Shore excursions are included in every port of call, apart from those where your time is best spent exploring on your own. You have a choice of included excursions and additional visits are available at an extra charge. Sightseeing programmes are outstanding but sometimes strenuous and a reasonable level of fitness is required. Experts guides will share their knowledge with the group using QuietVox. Through your individual headset you can hear your tour leader clearly even at the busiest sites.

Central to the Voyages to Antiquity cruise experience are the guest speakers on board. Up to three speakers accompany each departure. They may be academics, broadcasters, journalists, authors, politicians or authors, all pre-eminent in their professions and experts in their fields. There are up to seven talks per cruise focusing on subjects such as botany and viticulture, history and archaeology designed not only to inform and entertain but also to bring to life the wonderful sites you will visit.

The cruises and land programmes featured in Voyage to Antiquities itineraries include extensive sightseeing, which may involve walking on uneven surfaces, up and down multiple stairs, and require a certain level of fitness and mobility. Some ports on the itineraries may require disembarkation of the ship with the ship’s or local tenders/boats.

Full tour descriptions with activity levels can be found on and in the dedicated Cruise Guides. When onboard, the tour staff can provide guidance specific to each guests’ needs. The following is the minimum expected level of physical fitness for most cruise-tour programmes. Naturally some tours have more (or less) activity.

Walking: 1 to 2 miles within a period of 2-3 hours, sometimes in hot and humid conditions

Stairs: Ascend or descend multiple flights of stairs without assistance

Terrain: Walk easily and comfortably along rough, slightly hilly, and unstable surfaces

Boat: Step down 1’ or 2’ in to, or out of boats on to floating platforms and piers

Voyages to Antiquity strictly prohibits travel with the following items:

  • Motorised scooters
  • Motorised wheelchairs
  • Portable oxygen concentrators (requiring oxygen tanks)

NOTE: CPAP machines are allowed and notice must be provided at time of booking. Distilled water can be provided, on request, and at an additional charge.

Please be advised that guests who require to travel with any medical devices, must notify us at the time of booking, so that we can seek authorisation from Voyage to Antiquity's Operational Team. The ship cannot accommodate storage of large quantities of medication which require refrigeration.

Any guest that requires the use of a wheelchair must be accompanied by an able-bodied guest that can provide assistance when needed. Wheelchairs must be collapsible, able to be stored in the guests’ cabin and have a maximum width of 26”. We regret that guests with wheelchairs may not be able to participate in some excursions, particularly those in ports where guests are disembarking by ship’s tender and/or other local boats.

We regret that, for guest’s comfort and safety, deaf and visually impaired guests are unable to travel without the assistance of an able-bodied companion and therefore are not able to stay in single cabins.

Please ensure you have read and understood the above information and contact Voyages to Antiquity immediately if you have any cause for concern. Please note that Voyages to Antiquity have the right to refuse or revoke passage to anyone who, in its judgement, is in physical condition that is beyond the care that can be provided or made available.

It is important that you read Voyage to Antiquity's ‘Fitness to Travel’ section within their Booking Terms & Conditions, which can be viewed on their website.

By booking with Voyages to Antiquity and paying your deposit, you are accepting the terms, and certify that you are fit to travel and not travelling against medical advice.