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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Last minute deals

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Fantastic weekly deals with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Each week we will be bringing you incredible deals on last-minute ocean cruises with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. To bring you these great savings we’ve stripped out all the extras we usually include, so you’ll just be paying for the cruise itself. You won’t find these cruises cheaper anywhere else, so book soon as cabins are limited.

Check this page each week to see our latest deals.

The Islands of the Caribbean: CRUISE ONLY

Embarkation in Bridgetown, Barbados

Voyages with partner cruise lines

Voyages with partner cruise lines

Sail in search of the sunshine this on this fantastic voyage to the Caribbean. Experience the vibrant cultures of many contrasting islands, including Barbados, Tortola and Antigua.

  • Departing Bridgetown
  • Date February 14, 2019

California, Mexico & the Panama Canal: CRUISE ONLY

Balmoral sailing from Southampton

Voyages with partner cruise lines

Voyages with partner cruise lines

Uncover a host of highlights in the USA and Mexico, while beautiful islands and a few of South and Central America’s gems are thrown in for good measure too.

  • Departing Southampton
  • Date January 19, 2019

Saga's terms and conditions
  1. Offers are not applicable to any other package or deal previously offered with Saga and are for cruise only late availability fares offered for cruises departing within the next 12 weeks.
  2. By purchasing this fare you are responsible to acquire appropriate travel insurance, flights if required and any transfers needed.
  3. This fare does not include Saga’s VIP door-to-door travel service, flights or Saga’s included travel insurance which are all part of our regular packaged offers.
  4. The cabin grades available are extremely limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  5. Categories of cabins offered are: Anchor two-bed cabin (LLH), Anchor Inside (IS), Anchor Outside (OS) and Anchor Superior Outside (SOS). Twin cabins for sole occupancy rates are available upon request.
  6. Full payment is required at the time of booking and full cancellation charges apply.
Please review Fred Olsen’s terms and conditions regarding cancellations and fees applicable.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Line terms and conditions

Fred Olsen’s terms and conditions on cancellation policy:

  1. You may cancel your holiday by providing notice to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines (FOCL) in writing, subject to clause 6 below.
  2. Where you do so 91 days or more before the departure date, FOCL will be entitled to retain the non-refundable deposit in accordance with clause 3 below.
  3. If you cancel your holiday, a percentage of the price will be retained by FOCL*. Cancel 90-57 days before departure and FOCL will retain 60% (56-42 days: 75%; 41-61 days: 85%; 15-0 days: 100%). *100% of the price will be retained in the event of the cancellation of an Anchor Fare Booking and booking made subject to certain other special offers.
  4. Where you cancel 90 days or fewer before the departure date, then FOCL will be entitled to retain a portion of the price in accordance with the following scale. These percentages reflect a conservative pre-estimate of losses and costs likely to be incurred by FOCL as a result of the cancellation and cost to FOCL of remarketing the Holiday. The figures expressed below include any non-refundable deposit paid in accordance with clause 5. 
  5. The effective date of cancellation is the date of receipt by FOCL of written notice that the passenger wishes to cancel. For the avoidance of doubt, these charges will apply whatever the reason for your cancellation, including illness, incapacity, death or any other intervening event.
  6. Where you cancel a booking, FOCL will make reasonable endeavours to resell the holiday. You recognise that it may not be viable for FOCL to attempt to do so in certain circumstances, for example where the departure date is imminent. You additionally recognise that, in order to resell, FOCL may, at its absolute discretion, remarket the cruise at a discounted rate. FOCL will not be regarded as having successfully resold a holiday until all tickets of a comparable level and characteristics to the resold holiday (e.g. in terms of price, level of cabin and other additional elements included in the booking) have sold out for that particular holiday at the date of departure. Where a holiday has been successfully resold, FOCL may, at its reasonable discretion, refund all or part of the price paid by you. In all circumstances, any such refund will be less reasonable deductions such as to account for the cost of remarketing and rebooking the holiday and less any shortfall between the price paid by you and the price at which the cruise is resold.
  7. Cancellation fees may be insurable. It is the passenger’s responsibility to make any such claim under the terms of his/her insurance policy. Holiday insurance premiums cannot be refunded in the event of cancellation.
  8. If you have already started your holiday, but are unable to continue for any reason whatsoever including repatriation, illness, incapacity, death, or any unavoidable and extraordinary event, FOCL may resell any unused services or accommodation without offering any refund to you.
  9. Where FOCL offers certain special offers, it reduces its margin on that holiday and loses the opportunity to sell the holiday at full price. Therefore, special terms and conditions apply to special offers in order to make them commercially viable for FOCL. Unless otherwise indicated, and subject to clause 6 above, no refund will be available in the event of the cancellation by you of any special offer.
  10. No refund will be available for pre-cruise and post-cruise land tours where these are cancelled by you 90 days or fewer before your departure date. If cancelled 91 days or more before the departure date, a non-refundable deposit will apply in accordance with clause 3. You will also be responsible for paying on demand any unrecoverable sum paid or payable to a third party supplier in connection with the cancelled pre-cruise or post-cruise land tour.
  11. Where you cancel a fly-cruise (or the flight element of a fly-cruise), the airline’s cancellation terms will apply to the cancellation and you will be liable for any costs that result, in addition to any cancellation charges due to FOCL for the cruise and other elements of the cancelled holiday, in accordance with this clause 6.