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Our plans for Saga Sapphire

In our latest update, we announced that, unfortunately, all our cruise operations have been suspended until 1st August 2020.

Therefore, the unprecedented COVID-19 situation has also affected our plans for Saga Sapphire’s farewell season.

Of course, we still want to say goodbye to Saga Sapphire in a way that demonstrates the affection for her that we and our loyal cruise guests share.

We have started discussions with Saga Sapphire’s new owners about delaying the delivery of the ship to them. Our hope is to postpone her farewell voyage until a little later in the year.

I have personally written to all our guests with bookings to explain the situation, requesting that we can keep their booking open while we finalise these details.

I sincerely hope that our guests scheduled to be a part of the farewell cruise will still be able to travel and experience the surprises and delights we have planned!

Discussions are ongoing with Saga Sapphire’s new owners and our intention is to have a further update by the end of May.

With my very best wishes.

Nigel Blanks

Managing Director, Saga Cruises

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