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14th May, 2020

Time to expand your bucket list?

2020 has brought with it a whole host of new and unexpected challenges. The most recent of those challenges, COVID-19, has affected the lives of people across the globe - with many finding that their plans for the rest of the year have potentially been affected.

Following the government’s travel advice, we made the decision to temporarily suspend all of our cruise holidays, with a number of other travel providers making similar decisions; leaving many people now disappointed that their long-awaited plans are no more.

At a time of uncertainty in the world, it’s important that we look to the future - and give ourselves something to look forward to. If you’re finding yourself spending lots of time holed up indoors, we thought we’d give you some inspiration of destinations to start adding to that travel wishlist - taking tips and tricks from some travel bloggers and what they’re favourite feel-good destination is.

Where to next?

Gemma Thompson, from Girls That Travel, said that getting outdoors and spending time in nature always makes her feel better.

"Without the distractions of everyday life, your brain has the time and the space to recalibrate. All you have to do is put one foot in front of another," she explains.

"I particularly love The Lake District for bracing walks and there's always a cozy pub with a roaring fire waiting for you at the end as a reward. Hikers in general are lovely people too. I think walking perhaps brings out the best in people."

The perfect option if you’re planning a staycation due to cancelled travelled plans.

Alexei from Travelexx feels the same, praising the wonders of nature for resetting a cluttered mind.

"Being in the mountains instantly puts me at ease. It’s something about the quiet majesty of it all. Looking up at snow-covered peaks, seeing your reflection in crystal clear alpine lakes, and breathing the fresh mountain air is calming and restorative," he says.

For somewhere with tons to offer, Alexei can’t fault Australia.

"From its unique natural beauty and rich biodiversity to a thriving dining scene and world-class sporting events, there is a reason why there is just nowhere quite like it."

Craving some sunshine after a less-than-bright start to the year? Vicky from VickyFlipFlop recommends all things Greece.

"The food is great, beaches are beautiful, there’s always a hike or some watersports if you feel like moving, and the weather in the summer is guaranteed. I’ve been to nine of the thousands of islands in Greece, and I’d go to them all again."

"You can get some great priced deals to the most popular islands in Greece all summer long. My favourite is Skiathos, my hot tip for one a little different is Samos, and the one I’d like to visit next is Paxos. It’s easy to travel between different clusters of islands too. Perfect for a late summer getaway!"

Rebecca Hall, travel blogger and author of Girl Gone Greek, couldn’t agree more.

"For me, it'd have to be any of the lesser known Greek islands like Symi, Lefkada and particularly Paxos."

"The latter two are in the Ionian islands well known for their blue, blue waters and there's something about being surrounded by sea that really calms me - even in the face of chaos. So #dontcancelmodify is the new hashtag. We all need something to look forward to - and I look forward to my next Greek island getaway in the Land of the Gods."

Looking to the future

While no one can be sure what the next few months are going to bring, one thing is certain - that this too shall pass. In the meantime, it’s important to take stock and do things that bring you joy, whether that’s rewatching old movies, or taking to the internet to plan out your next dream adventure. Fingers crossed we’ll be back to jetting across the world in no time.

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