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3rd January, 2019

Where to travel in 2019

ABTA, The Travel Association, recently released its annual Travel Trends 2019 report, which includes ‘12 destinations to watch’ for the year ahead. The destinations have been independently selected by ABTA’s experts and their inclusion is based on a range of factors including new flight routes, major events and celebrations or areas experiencing a revival.

They also revealed that just under half of people booking a holiday over the next year will book a new destination. Is this you? If so we have some great destinations for you to explore.

So, without further ado, here are some of the destinations to keep on your radar:

Galicia, Spain

Stunning coastal landscapes of Galicia

Located on the far north-west coast of Spain, Galicia is famous for its delicious seafood rugged coastlines and luscious green landscapes. Whilst it’s maintained a steady flow of tourism, it’s always been overshadowed by the more popular Costa destinations of the southern coast. Visits to Galicia are however on the rise.


Majestic Mount Fuji

Japan has been seeing a boost in holiday bookings due to the Rugby World Cup in 2019, but also off the back of Joanna Lumley’s 2016 Japan series. Japan’s culture is unique and must be experienced to fully appreciate it. From enchanting architecture and Geisha traditions, to high tech bullet trains and neon cityscapes, Japan is a land of alluring contrasts. Find out for yourself on our Land of the Rising Sun holiday.


The ancient city of Plovdiv was crowned 2019 European Capital City of Culture and stands out against other cities in the country, due to four main elements; its history, it’s cultural heritage, the rhythm of life and the challenges it has had to overcome as a city.

Durban, South Africa

Durban may not be as obvious a choice as Cape Town as far as South Africa cities go, but since its development for the 2010 World Cup, its vibrancy has gone up a gear, boasting a lively waterfront scene of trendy bars and restaurants. You can now fly to Durban direct from London with BA. Visit Durban on our A World in One Country tour.

Costa Rica

Conservation is a high priority for Costa Rica. The government has really stepped up their game with preservation and protection of their wildlife and environment, which has made Costa Rica a sought-after destination for nature-lovers. Visit Costa Rica, the Jewel of Central America with Saga.


Old Town Warsaw at night, Poland

Poland may not be the most obvious choice of holiday destination, but with a huge diversity of landscapes to explore, and more direct flights from the UK than from the UK to Spain, it’s a destination to watch. Poland has a rich history and cultural charm that travellers find welcoming. Find out for yourself on one of our Poland holidays.


Bukhara at sunset

This fascinating country is located at the heart of the Silk Road and featured strongly in Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure, aired in September 2018. This certainly led to an increase in Saga customers travelling to Uzbekistan, but tourism has generally been on the rise, thanks to improved transport links, more relaxed entry requirements and better access to currency.


The ornate Al Khazneh, 'the Treasury'

The land of the lost cities has long been a fascinating destination for the discerning traveller, but it’s not always been the most accessible place to visit. However, since Ryanair and easyjet announced direct flights to Jordan, tourism has been given a boost. Visit the Hidden City of Petra and the Dead Sea on our Jordan holidays.


Pretty Camara de Lobos, Madeira

Madeira has long been an attractive destination due to its temperate climate and beautiful rugged scenery, but it has recently gained popularity due to an increase in adventure holidays there. If you’re a thrill seeker, Madeira offers a range of activities, including climbing, trekking and canyoning. Those wanting a more sedate holiday in Madeira an enjoy Funchal’s cuisine and potter about the city.


For some of the best beaches in Greece, head to Halkidiki, south of Thessaloniki to lap up the Grecian sun. City lovers can enjoy the vibrancy of bustling Thessaloniki, which recently underwent a waterfront redevelopment and is seeing a boost in tourism.

Western Australia

Explore modern Perth

Western Australia is a must-see destination for its dramatic coastlines, beautiful outback territory, and the cosmopolitan city of Perth. While it’s not as popular as the east coast of Australia, WA has an opportunity to catch up, thanks to a new non-stop 17-hour flight from the UK with Qantas. Fly direct to Perth on our Australian Adventure tour.

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