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Northern Lights Cruises

Experience Norway this winter on a Northern Lights cruise

Skies filled with dancing lights, snow-coated scenery and husky sledding. Winter cruises to Norway offer up the chance to experience a magical side to this northern corner of Europe. The days may be short, and the temperatures below zero, but visiting Norway in the winter months opens up a world of adventure among its captivating landscapes.

Our Northern Lights cruise experiences

Not only do Norway winter cruises offer up the chance to glide past glaciers and stop off in charming towns, there’s also a host of amazing cruise excursions to embark on. Here’s a collection of a few of our favourite excursions to help you get a better understanding of the kind of unique activities you do on a Northern Lights cruise.

Aurora Borealis over lavvu tent in Tromso

An Evening at the Aurora Camp

Tromsø offers up an amazing chance to see the northern lights. Often dubbed the Capital of the Arctic, Tromsø provides a gateway for travellers to experience the northern lights surrounded by the dark skies of the region.

Join this excursion for a unique evening visit to a wilderness camp in Breivikeidet. Retreat into the warmth of a traditional lavvu tent as you sip hot beverages around a campfire. You’ll also meet the friendly group of Alaskan huskies and learn more about the everyday life of these hard-working dogs.

Keep an eye on the skies as the lack of light pollution in this rural location increases the chance of witnessing the aurora borealis..

Arctic dogsledding experience

Arctic Dogsledding Experience

Husky sleds are an important part of life in the Arctic Circle, with many relying on them for supplying goods and to get around.

This experience starts by being taken to a basecamp where you’ll don a thermal suit, complete with waterproof shoes. Then embark on a thrilling dogsled ride, gliding past snow-covered hills and through glades lined with Norwegian spruces and maple trees.

After the unforgettable adventure, warm up with a hot drink and a slice of homemade cake served around a roaring open fire.

Reindeer sledding in Maze Sami village

Reindeer Sledding in Maze Sami Village

The Sami people are the indigenous inhabitants of Lapland. Their traditional culture has been cultivated over centuries of semi-nomadic lifestyles, which include reindeer herding and coastal fishing. Travelling to Norway on a cruise in winter offers the opportunity to learn more about the Sami people.

Be greeted by your Sami hosts in Maze and head off on a sled ride pulled by specially trained reindeer and travel through the pristine winter landscape on the back of the sled. After the journey you will be served coffee, tea and biscuits, whilst your guide recounts stories about the Sami people, their history and way of life.

Sorrisniva’s Igloo Hotel, Alta

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel Visit

Discover the enchanting Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, a truly remarkable structure made entirely of ice and snow. The Igloo Hotel has to be rebuilt ever year and is only open for guests between January and April, after which it begins to melt in the warmer weather.

Arriving at the hotel, be wowed by the icy structure where guests sleep on reindeer pelts to keep warm in the sub-zero temperatures. The public lounges and bar are elegantly decorated with ice sculptures carved by local artists. Enjoy a drink in the bar served, of course, in an ice glass and take a look around the hotel’s incredible rooms and shared spaces.

When to book a Northern Lights cruise

For the best chance of witnessing the Northern Lights, book your cruise between September and March. Norway is the perfect destination as it is renowned for Aurora Borealis sightings.