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Mother Nature is the star of the show in this incredible cruising destination

Hop on board a small-ship cruise bound for the beautiful shores of Europe's most sparsely populated country, Iceland, where dramatic landscapes have been carved out over time by the elements.

Seek out Arctic wildlife and mighty waterfalls, be astounded by snow-capped mountains, and try bathing in the famous geothermal Blue Lagoon.

Or new for 2018, you can combine a cruise to Iceland with ports of call in Norway too – contrasting these two exciting destinations on one adventure.


Incredible Iceland

Forged by powerful forces of ice and fire, Iceland’s evocative landscapes are like nowhere else on Earth.

Whether it’s bathing in the Blue Lagoon, going calm-water kayaking, or exploring the contemporary capital Reykjavik – there’s no better way to get close to them all than by sailing there on our small ships, who trace the coastline from the East to the Westfjords.

Blue glaciers of Jokulsarion Lagoon Bay, Iceland.

Norway and Iceland in 2018

Can’t decide between Norway and Iceland? In 2018 you can have both! Our new adventure seeks out both these fascinating northern lands.

The itinerary is boosted with even more destinations, such as the Isle of Mull, Scotland’s Holy Loch and even the revitalised city of Belfast.