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Explore ashore on e-bikes

Making the most of your time ashore

It’s the big attraction of boutique cruising. You get to explore one new destination after the next, all on one luxury journey. But what happens when you step ashore? We offer plenty of ways to see all the amazing sights.

Explore ports on e-bikes

Explore destinations in a new way

Many of our cruise guests enjoy exploring independently when they reach a port. And the addition of the e-bikes makes it even easier to see more of the destination, your way.

We now have over 60 MATE X e-bikes, 30 on each ocean ship, making us the first cruise line to work with this exclusive brand.

About the MATE e-bikes

MATE e-bikes are known for their style, comfort and ease of use. They are the sleekest, most versatile, foldable e-bike on the market.

To get going, you just have to pedal gently, then the bike’s 250-watt motor kicks in, making cycling almost effortless. You can adjust how much of the pedalling you want to do, so the bike can be completely manual like a regular push-bike, or can do all the work.

The bikes come with wide tyres and rugged suspension for stability, while hydraulic brakes make slowing down simple with the touch of a finger.

For safety, guests are supplied with a helmet and a lock, and the bikes and helmets feature in-built lights and indicators. The bikes are also fitted with GPS trackers, so no chance of them getting lost! Guests will also receive a full safety briefing before venturing out.

The bikes will then be re-charged back at the ship, and are stored safely in a dedicated area on board.

It’s an exciting new way to go sightseeing on our ocean cruises!

Saga e-bike

Discover by e-bike on a Saga cruise

For many of our guests experiencing new things and looking after their well-being are enormously important, so the e-bikes are perfect for them. They are a little different to what people may expect from Saga!

Nigel Blanks, CEO of Saga Cruises

Book a Saga e-bike cruise

Ready to embark on your first e-bike cruise adventure? Remember, the bikes are available to hire on every cruise, subject to availability.

Take a look at our range of cruises sailing this season.