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22nd March, 2018


Passing around the north of Grand Canaria overnight, through the starry starry night, we raised the mountain peak of Teide before 0500. This was an earlier arrival today, a scheduled 0700 Pilot, with wind having largely dropped away the only complication was the careless parking of two drill ships, abreast of each other, on the end of the breakwater.

With the Pilot embarked I made a balanced approach with sufficient speed to maintain water flow over the rudder, but not so fast I couldn’t put the brakes on if needed. I was going bow-in, that means to say driving into the port bow first, rather than swing and going by the stern. With the constricted entrance caused by the drill-ships I just didn’t fancy going backwards through such a narrow gap!

Berthed promptly and the ship also cleared very promptly, the firsts Guests were ashore before 0800. Yet another lovely day, albeit a little more cloud during the afternoon.

I had an invite to go ashore for lunch at Reeds, which I accepted with some enthusiasm. It’s been years since I had been there and it’s all rather nice. Handing the keys to Franco, Staff Captain, at 1300 I wasn’t back until 1600, or thereabouts. It was a nice change of scenery and a fabulous King Pawn lunch. They call them King Prawns but they are the size of a 12 inch dinner plate!

The mystery tour was very popular, our dear brave guests! Again, a late departure scheduled for 2100 allowed our Guests to take dinner with the romantic and lovely backdrop of the harbour lights.

Staff Captain Franco, drove out. It was an interesting manoeuvre requiring tug services as the swinging basin is only 50 meters or so longer than the length of the ship. Usually we would have ‘backed’ out, but those pesky ‘drill-ships’ hadn’t moved.

Captain Stuart Horne

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