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21st March, 2018

Gran Canaria

Overnight we passed between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, a six-mile wide seaway. The spectacle of the shore lights, south coast Lanzarote and north shores of Fuerteventura - and getting some lee from the winds - was most pleasant indeed.

Again, the schedule was for an 0800 Pilot.  The wind was very fresh from the north. The operational team wanted the ship parked portside alongside and I needed a ‘get-out’ route because of the wind. You always need a Plan B, and sometimes a C actually!

I had booked a tug to help me swing the stern up into the wind, still blowing at 30knots. With the Pilot embarked, we discussed the manoeuvre options and came to an agreement. We swung the ship and pointed towards the berth, the tug, at 40 ton bollard pull pushed this lovely lady against the wind.

Despite the conditions I was only 15 minutes late, but as the first tour was not scheduled away until 0930 we were still in good time. Whilst windy, it was truly blue skies and some of my guests are starting to get a ‘holiday’ glow about them.

For me it was a super busy day today - driving my desk and ship inspections!

All our Guests were on-board well before the advertised departure time so it was gangway ashore at 2130. Franco, the singing Staff Captain, drove out. The wind was off the berth and so very quickly we were out of the Harbour and en-route to Tenerife.

Captain Stuart Horne

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