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30th January, 2018

At Sea

We are now half way through our Atlantic crossing towards Antigua and the temperatures have risen gradually to 20°C today, with a balmy 25°C expected for our arrival.

The day after leaving Madeira, our Cruise Director Jo Boase, announced the start of our fun murder mystery that would be taking place on board, known as, what else, the Banana Murder! Prior to the game commencing everyone was sent the rules along with a banana and a photo of their target. The rules are detailed below:

  • Any 'hits' can only take place in public areas (any in cabins, crew areas, offices or backstage will be null and void)
  • You must touch your 'victim' with your banana saying something appropriate like “Bang” or “You’re dead”
  • You can only target the person you have been assigned for your mission
  • However, if your assassin pulls a banana on you, you are permitted to 'shoot' them with your banana in self defence. So make sure you always have your banana on your person!
  • Please refrain from targeting anyone mid performance!
  • Once you completed the dastardly deed, you will need to report it to Reception. You will then have a new mission and take the card your 'victim' was holding – this will be your new target.
  • The aim of the game is to survive and be the last man (or woman!) standing.

There were 82 guests and 74 ship staff that signed up. At 0900 on the 29th January the mission commenced. What great fun this was with all sorts of devious manoeuvres going on all over the guest spaces. I managed to track down my 'victim' in the restaurant and sat at the table next to him. At the appropriate moment after confirming his identity, I jabbed him in the back! All was going well at dinner until suddenly I felt a jolt on my right shoulder followed by the words “you’re dead”. Well that was me out of the game. We had staff dressing up in disguise, changing name badges and people waiting outside cabins for hours at a time. What a cunning bunch!

As I finish writing this the game is still on, and we are down to the last 7 or 8 standing... Agatha Christie eat your heart out!

Captain Julian Burgess

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