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13th February, 2018

Day at Sea

After leaving Bridgetown on the 9th February and clearing the southern shores of Barbados we set an Easterly course across the Atlantic towards the Cape Verde Islands. With several days at sea I knew Jo Boase, our Cruise Director, would be working her magic to keep all our guests entertained.

This started on our first sea day with a cake decorating display by Celebrity Chef Rustie Lee, who has been with us for the whole cruise. There were also 2 mystery guests brought out to the decorating table, and both of them had Captain in their title!! So to start things off Rustie burst into song with “Yellow Bird”, until I suggested the Eddie Grant classic “I don’t wanna dance…” and then the 3 of us, plus Jo Boase, ended up singing and dancing. Rustie is certainly a live wire and before the show she mentioned that she had spent most of the day in Barbados with Eddie Grant, hence the choice of song.

Once the singing was over it was time for Rustie to begin her demonstration of how to decorate a cake – Caribbean style!! The first thing she picked up was a bottle of rum and she doused the first layer with it – you knew this was going to be good. After that is was jam and Chantilly cream and some chopped fresh mango. The next two layers followed the same format and finally with the top layer in place she covered the whole cake in yet more cream.

The task was then for Staff Captain Franko and me to carry out our own cake decorating along the same lines. Well this really was fun and I loved “slapping” jam and cream on each layer after swamping it in rum of course. I also added two lots of fruit on each layer and the final result can be seen in the photo – even Exec Chef John came over and gave very positive comments, which rather surprised me.

Yesterday we had a tug of war competition with teams from across the ship’s departments. The “Horizon Hunters” as we were called won the first round – mind you it was against the Cruise Staff whose team was made up of mainly our female dancers. Despite their impressive pulling power we scraped through. For our next round we came up against the “Sea Donkeys” which consisted of a very “beefy” engineering team. They wanted revenge after losing to the Deck team back in October last year. With 3 substitutes and a significant weight advantage they got that revenge and ended up as the winners.

Today I’ve just come back from the Saga Pancake Race, where my Senior team and I ended up a respectable 3rd. Another great event with lots of tossing, cajoling and the occasional dodgy walk. You’ve got to make the most of these sea days!!

Captain Julian Burgess

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