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9th September, 2017


A new day and a new port, but I guess that’s why we enjoy cruising! It was a quiet run around to Riga. It was a shallow run up the river and in pitch black, but with a capable Pilot I was relaxed.

Tom, Staff Captain was berthing this morning - straight forward, but with a brisk 25 knots wind, fortunately up and down the quay, it still took a focussed mind.

I’ve not mentioned the weather much recently but there's a reason for that - it’s not been the best - but I had an ace card this morning. The forecast was telling a gloomy story but my Pilot, a local of many years, said it would improve at 10.00am because of this and that. I relayed this to my flock during my morning announcement. Low and behold shortly after 10.00 the clouds rolled back-ish, and the sun shone through-ish. Was I the hero!

Despite the dull start all the feedback from our Guests was super - what a place to park a ship, right down town.

The day ended and it was time to get underway. The Chief Officer was driving out - another ‘tug’ experience for him.

Clear of the berth at 1930 - the Pilot set about driving back down the river. I held the Pilotage this evening as Tom had put in some long hours today. Debarking the Pilot at 2100 we set course for Wismar. Once clear of navigational hazards I left my OOW to his duties and turned-in.

Captain Stuart Horne

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