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11th September, 2017


Wismar is an interesting port, both the port and its approaches. The Pilotage distance is 15nm but we allow 3 hours to get to the berth. Why? Because it’s narrow and shallow. Tug services were required this morning, as it was a tight swinging circle and a stiff wind. Having swung through the wind and crept the bow and stern 50 meters past the obstructions at each end I was able to go astern to the berth – utilising the power of the tug to keep the stern up against the wind.

Parked for 0730, those Guests on the all-day tour to Berlin were eagerly debarking shortly after 8am. That’s those guys gone for the whole day.

Thinking of tomorrow, and the run to the Kiel Canal from Wismar, I pondered how to make the most of the Kiel Canal experience for my Guests. I think the Eastern part is so much nicer than the Western end from a ‘spectacle’ point of view so getting to Kiel later would give more daylight hours in the Eastern end. I therefore delayed our Wismar departure until 2200, allowing for a nice leisurely evening in Wismar - such a lovely town.

That decided and communicated, true to form, the engineers being engineers took advantage of the long in-port time to do some routine maintenance on the engines. The team that did a straight 12 hours to get the job done. Thanks guys. I was even happier when the engine started on the first button!

With the engine back together (and no ‘bits’ left lying about, always a good sign), and all onboard, we ‘let-go’ and left the berth. Clear of the narrows at midnight, we debarked the Pilot shortly thereafter and course was set for Kiel, 71 miles away. Time for a short nap!

Captain Stuart Horne

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