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24th December, 2017


Hello Blog readers; welcome to the Saga Sapphire Scandinavian Christmas Cruise.

We started with a leisurely two days at sea running up from Southampton, across the north sea to Norway.

It was a tad breezy, but a comfy ride by comparison to last cruise on the run down to the Canaries

To keep the evening comfortable on ‘Oslo eve’I made a due east heading toward Sweden, hanging-left at 2300 [otherwise we would have arrive in Sweden [!]towards the north to pick up the Pilot at 0300 this morning.

After a lumpy night it was lovely to get inside the Fjord where the conditions were, by comparison, millpond-like’. Sunrise as not until 0919 and it was far too early for our Passengers to be up and about….

After a 4.5 hour passage up Oslofjorden we approached the berth. Staff Captain Tom was driving in this morning. It was a great berthlocation, right in town. A relatively straight forward berthing, other than that is was mightily cold.

The picture is of the Fjord Pilot ‘Bjorn’, Tom- staff Captain, myself and Hugo, the 2nd Officer. As you can see, we are parked next to the castle, great location. To add to the wonder, Oslo had a veritable layering of snow; making it outrageously festive - how good can it get.

I have the huge good fortune to have my partner, Leigh, away with me this Christmas cruise. We took a stroll ashore at lunch time [I rarely get off the ship] to find a tranquil town, but full of festive splendour - the shops were shut, a great result for me, humbug!

We found a nice café, the CaféCathedral’, to enjoy a ‘Norwegian reindeer pizza,, yes, I know how to treat a woman - but let’s not talk about the 㿑price tag for two glasses of wine,, humbug!

We were all looking forward to an overnight and we had a great lien up of food and entertainment for Christmas eve. Never mind the waistline!


Captain Stuart Horne

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