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2nd August, 2017


An interesting day in Holyhead. The run up the English Channel yesterday was brisk and rounding Land’s End at 1700 put the wind more astern and the evening become quite lovely as we set to transit Cardigan and Carmarthen Bays.

Trying not to do a 'Michael Fish', much time was spent pouring over weather charts and forecasts. The UK Met Office surface analysis that spans the Atlantic I always find useful. Being upfront and honest about the weather is always a good policy - after all it is the UK in August and we should be 'basking'!

Rounding the 'stacks' off Holyhead at 0530 this morning I arrived on the Bridge to survey the conditions. The wind freshened overnight and I had anticipated my 'port-side too' berthing plan may be compromised. Starboard-side too makes it a 'stern-in' approach to the berth which allows a 'get-out' plan if the weather deteriorates. The quandry in Holyhead for starboard side alongside is the choice of gangway doors as the lift of tide can be more than 4 meters in Holyhead.

Before embarking the Pilot the wind gusted to 30kts off the berth - making a stern-in approach the only option. It was a considered manoeuvre and delivered the result I desired, even though I was a tad wet..........

Holyhead is in an attractive part of Wales, within striking distance of Snowdonia and with a spectacular coastline, we had on offer some engaging shore excursions. However my morning broadcast opened with "welcome to sunny Wales", when it was in fact teaming with rain.

It was pretty damp until late afternoon when the skies cleared and the sun shone through....... Again we had a lovely sail-way as we set a 'long-way around' passage to Liverpool. After-all, you can drive from Holyhead to Liverpool in a few hours, but try doing that whilst quaffing a lovely wine, feasting on a six course exquisite dinner and watching a show! Cruising from Holyhead to Liverpool is the only way to do it - the Saga Way.

Captain Stuart Horne

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