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9th November, 2016

At sea….Somewhere

Where has the last week gone? And where are we now? The answer?.........Somewhere, bound for……..somewhere else.

After Madeira we called into La Coruna for a final stop before returning to Southampton. Apart from the managerial job of monitoring the navigation during the passage, ‘business’was somewhat hectic in preparation for a company led senior officers conference on board while alongside. It was an excellent opportunity to see all our other friends that we work with from time to time. Every Master, Chief Engineer and Hotel Director was there.

We did, however, sail at 5pm, but what do you tell passengers who have booked on a Mystery Cruise? Certainly not when they are going to get ‘somewhere’, or how many miles it is to ‘somewhere’. Fortunately, just about every single one of them are very regular passengers who are all up for a little ‘adventure’. I did ask them not to cheat, not to keep their mobiles on so they pick up the network as we get close to land, and certainly not to go on the Net. I implied that, if found out, they would be ‘punished’by being exposed. Other passengers might then take their revenge. This is serious stuff.

We are now day 2 and the weather deteriorated somewhat during the night as a cold front passed over us. Sea and swell increased, but fortunately the worst was during the hours of darkness and by dawn the wind had begun to veer and reduce in velocity. Sunrise was hidden by grey clouds, further disguising whether we may be sailing north or south. Yesterday I walked around with a very large Atlas under my arm, today I have already been around with a great big colour book about the Norwegian Fjords. Perhaps a Caribbean tome will come out as I do my lunch time meanderings. Must keep then guessing.

So tonight is the welcome cocktail party and it will be a time to meet old friends and fellow travellers. My speech, presently in preparation, will hopefully be amusing and I will get a measure of the ‘expectation’. There are, however, a few curved balls which have yet to be administered.

Captain Philip Rentell

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