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Blohm + Voss yard, Hamburg

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27th May, 2016

Blohm & Voss is a busy shipyard. Since we’ve been here we’ve seen many comings and goings. Much like a hospital, some folks stay longer than others. We’ve been here for a while now –we’re getting to know the nurses by name and are quickly becoming part of the furniture. There’s a few of us in our ward –some quite different characters. There’s a Military fellow –he doesn’t say much. A Container Ship that was in and out rather quickly - she was patched up in no time - I guess that’s modern medicine for you. Then there’s a Russian Millionaire’s yacht –would have thought they’d have gone private!

Last week we were visited by our Chief Executive, Travel, Andrew Strong –he came out to see the scale of the operation we’re undertaking here and some of the challenges that we have maintaining such a classic vessel. It was with great pleasure that I was able to pass on his thanks to the crew for a job well done.

Sticking with the Crew - refits allow us to discover some hidden talent amongst them. The Hotel Director Alfred has kindly lent the Deck and Engine Departments some of the Hotel Crew that you all know and love, to give us a hand. I’m sure Chief Engineer Steve will agree with me that the additional help has been invaluable. We’ve discovered that Randy Siguiente (3rd Cook) is a keen Seaman –he’s been putting some of my regular guys to shame with his chipping and painting skills. Also, Ronaldo Silo (Cabin Steward) has stunned us with his technical ability –assisting our Safety Team with the overhauling of some our equipment. I’m planning on poaching them…don’t tell Alfred!

The weather has been a little miserable of late - we were subjected to a refreshing “spring shower”the other day. We’d exercised a degree of care by ensuring that any open parts of our ship were covered –all of which had been perfectly suitable for the inclement weather we’d experienced up until then. We were, however, caught a little unawares by this deluge of near-biblical proportion. It was a good test of the scuppers on the open decks!

Alex Downes

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