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30th March, 2016

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is an island of which I had heard much favourable comment over the years, but where I had actually never been myself. So it was a delight to approach the port in a calm sea, just as the sun was rising over the eastern hills. We docked about a mile from the small old port where a couple of shuttle buses had been arranged to ferry our folks back and forth.

When the morning’s business was complete, Mrs R and I set off and we met many returning for lunch, they were in good form, making a few ‘Got it right this time Captain’type remarks. Good to hear of course and we were to be similarly impressed. Down by the old harbour, narrow little streets wound their way back in some sort of unrecognisable pattern that only those born there could possibly understand. Just about every wall of every house was painted white, even the cement between the paving stones was white, and there seemed to be numerous painters repainting the white. Balconies and doors were mainly sky blue and there was an abundance of terracotta pots and geraniums already in flower. Despite the narrowness of the little streets and alleyways, there were a fair number of motor scooters and small three wheel ‘pick up’vans, of varying degrees of road worthiness, dodging around in scary haste.

We found the pretty windmills, the ones used for just about all the Mykonos publicity material, on a low hill unfortunately close by the public car park. Looking down towards the harbour were houses perched on the very edge of the water. In the distance lay Saga Sapphire, her colour scheme fittingly matching everything in the foreground. Little shops with brightly coloured outside displays seemed to crop up in otherwise empty alleys, and down by the waterfront a few bars were open.

We stopped for a while at ‘Marias’s Mykonian Restaurant’, where the menu board said open ‘since 1975’. After some refreshments Maria’s nephew thanked us profusely for coming, I had the distinct impression that we must have been the very first customers since last year. No doubt their trade will pick up in a few weeks when the season starts, so we were so pleased to enjoy this island ‘delight’still awakening from its winter slumber.

Captain Philip Rentell

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