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26th July, 2016

Reykjavik. Iceland

Arriving into Reykjavik was almost like entering a change of season compared to the day before. There was some blue sky and a weather forecast which indicated it could only get better. The only blot on the landscape however, was a rather large and block like cruise ship that docked ahead of us. She had to have a particular berth due to her size, so our passengers took a shuttle bus to the terminal. I expressed my displeasure to our agent who quite predictably explained that it was ‘Security’. In fact, as every part of the fence, along with the gates and the security cabin could be moved by forklift truck, it seemed that a certain degree of ‘intransigence’ was most probably to blame. Just before we came to sail it took just a few minutes with two great fork lift machines to change the immediate scenery for the next arrival.

Apart from that, the folks had a great day, even a large number of our crew, who went off to the Blue Lagoon for a soak in the mineral rich warm waters. I did hear on the grapevine though that more than a modest amount of hair conditioner was required afterwards (wouldn’t have been a problem for me obviously).

One group of passengers went on a ‘Golden Circle’tour which took them off for over eight hours to visit the Thingvellir National Park, the very impressive Gulfoss waterfalls and then Geysir Strokkur, that regular spurter. The tour I would have very much enjoyed included a drive right into the ice, a new attraction that has literally been hacked out of the Langjökull Glacier, another time perhaps.

Our intrepid Saganauts coped pretty well with the ‘security arrangements’, the chaps no doubt delighted to have their boarding card checked by a charming young lady security person at the container come security cabin slotted into the portable fence. The weather remained very good, warmed up considerably, and as we came to sail around 2230 hours we had the most marvellous sunset. Anchoring tomorrow in another place I can, after much practise, only just pronounce.

Captain Philip Rentell

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