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19th March, 2015

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

The weather was going to be critical for the next stage of our voyage, well at least for the passengers. Were we going to see an eclipse? As the darkness lifted on approach to the Faroe Islands I was not filled with a great deal of optimism. Visibility was just a few miles and the cloud base seemed to be only a few hundred meters above the sea. A steady drizzle was forecast to continue as a low pressure system slowly made its way across the Iceland Faroes gap.

It rained on and off all day, and the only glimmer of hope was if we stayed where we were for the morning and not head another 150 miles further north where totality would be half a minute or so longer. We knew that there were at least another five cruise ships in the area, and that every hotel in town was fully booked. Even the regular Denmark – Faroes – Iceland ferry had cancelled its onward voyage and was lying alongside in Torshavn apparently full of expectant passengers.

A few of us took a stroll around town, but in the damp weather it seemed less than exciting. One shop was of interest however, a place that was full of second hand goods and house clearance furniture. The window had a rail full of fur coats. Unfortunately for my wife credit cards were not accepted, and I had to forget the idea of picking up a number of rather attractive chairs for which I don’t really have a use anyway.

The latest forecast and satellite picture in the evening suggested that north was not the place to go, but all the other ships went anyway. I elected to stay until 0600 hours the following morning, by which time we would have to leave in order for the ‘Oriana’ to come alongside. Was this going to be a decision that I would later regret?

Captain Philip Rentell

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