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7th November, 2014

Towards the Caribbean

Our journey towards the Caribbean is almost over, we have been blessed with good weather and comfortable seas. Our first day after the Azores had blue sky and plenty of sunshine, the north westerly wind died away and the barograph rose. High pressure dominated for a while and the sea became almost oily, not a breath of air except that created by the ship’s forward movement. A long low swell coming from the south east resulted in a gentle rolling motion and then, by the second day, the south east trades began to dominate.

Small puffy white cumulus clouds above and some higher clouds in the far distance were just enough to hide the perfect sunsets. The sea temperature rose to 27 degrees, the air was even hotter, but the breeze was enough to cool those who wanted to maximise their tans before the islands. Inside the ship there was plenty of entertainment of one sort or another, the jazz theme meant there were regular concerts, and beside the ‘sit and be fit’ (a very popular and noisy pastime quite audible above my office desk), my wife told me that she believed the ‘jewellery making class’ was always in demand. (I am slightly less cash rich, but I have apparently ‘saved’ a great deal)

On our final day before landfall we held a remembrance service as there will be little time to do so once we start the ‘real business’. It was a dignified and somewhat moving occasion. In the evening the major scheduled entertainment was a Grand Caribbean Welcome Ball, a busy affair held in the Britannia Lounge where the officers and staff started the event by a presentation dance, of sorts. Hardly ‘Strictly’, but probably as equally entertaining.

There is great anticipation for the next eleven days of island hopping. 

Captain Philip Rentall

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