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10th May, 2014



Sognefjord leads into Aurlandsfjord, a final sixteen miles before reaching Flam where a branch of the Oslo Bergen railway line comes down from Myrdal. The sun would have just been rising as we came onto this final leg of our overnight journey, but it would not be visible for several hours due to the height of the mountains all around. What we could see though was just about two of everything, the water was so calm that it acted as a mirror making it difficult to tell where land finished and water began.

On the steeply wooded slopes a few goats could be seen from time to time, grazing on grass that had hardly had chance to grow after the long winter. Waterfalls were just beginning their spring time rush as snows many hundreds of meters higher started to melt. Now and again, as we got closer to Flam, the odd car came speeding past on the main road that follows the edge of the fjord, darting occasionally into tunnels that pass through the steeper sided sections.


The run after our departure would be a fast one so I opted to turn on arrival and back down to the berth, an interesting manoeuvre, particularly for those watching from the veranda deck aft as there is very little room for error, a few small boats, a wooden jetty and then some rather hard rock less than sixty yards away. Time was pressing and two trains were leaving within the hour so passengers were led off in groups almost as soon as the gangway was landed, past the clapperboard buildings and directly onto the platform. It was all so very pretty, and I often say how Flam reminds me of one of those German model railway sets I could never afford as a child.

The sun came out, the temperature rose and the Hurtigruten expedition ship ‘Fram’ came in for a few hours, dropping its anchor just ahead then running their folks ashore in Polar Circle boats, which darted through the water at great speed, no doubt adding to the excitement and wind chill for the occupants. It was a very pleasant day spent in the most wonderful surroundings, and after we sailed the views kept unfolding, right up until a superb sunset an hour or so after dinner.

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