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9th August, 2014

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Our arrival alongside the quay in Klaipeda coincided with a public holiday, and being lunchtime there appeared to be a great number of people just milling around close to the dockside watching. So close in fact that there seemed a very good chance that someone might get a heaving line on their head, that was until the official linesmen chased them out of harm’s way.

In fact it became apparent that the locals had also come along to see a group of burly looking chaps make things out of iron, armed only with a couple of braziers, a few big hammers and some Heath Robinson machinery used to keep the fires burning. I did check out their stand as I took a wonder ashore, but decided I didn’t really need any arrows, pokers or things to wear around my neck, heavy enough to create a noticeable stoop.

Town seemed quite busy, a number of stalls near the centre all selling amber jewellery that few were browsing yet alone buying. I also noticed a number of wedding parties, brides in voluminous traditional white and men in smart suits, out to have their photographs taken by the river or in the park. Two stretched limos also came down towards the blacksmiths, but strangely enough they were without passengers. I did wonder if they had been sent on a mission to purchase that last minute wedding gift while the bridal party were busy elsewhere.

The weather, although not quite as hot as the last few days, was dry and very pleasant and those passengers who went off to tour the city, village life and the UNESCO World heritage Curonian Peninsula would have had a fine time. There was also ‘Cold War Secrets’, a tour which visited the site of a Soviet nuclear weapons program, which I thought sounded rather intriguing. However one chap who went said he was just a little disappointed as there weren’t any missiles in the 90 foot high silos. I did suggest that the previous owners had most probably taken them away when they departed.

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