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20th September, 2013

With our eastward journey now over it was time to return west along the Gulf of Finland, passing the ‘Ostrovs’, the Russian word for Islands, and turn the clocks back one hour. No doubt the passengers were grateful, as were the operational team who all had an early start for the entry into Tallinn.

The pilot seemed just a little nervous about getting us in to port between the outgoing ferry movements and wanted me to change my intention and go to the finger pier outside the harbour.

This berth requires a long walk to the coaches, not great for our passengers, so the suggestion was politely refused. I felt it prudent to take back the con of the ship and reduce speed in good time before we became a new addition to the breakwater.

All went well, we berthed without incident and with the usual efficiency of our excellent agent Jevgeni, the officialdom was quickly completed and passengers were whisked off on their morning tours.

I had hoped to get ashore and take the ‘Soviet Memories’ tour that included the KGB museum, the Museum of Soviet Occupation and an old ice breaker from 1914. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to lack of participation so I guess it will have to wait until next year.

Instead I stayed on board and witnessed a ‘bomb search routine’ which kept the boys and girls busy for several hours and gave me something to smile about.

Our Ukrainian lady Security Officer (not someone even I would like to have an argument with) placed the suspicious package in an open locker which was subsequently locked by some unknowing but efficient crew member.

The package was successfully retrieved by the crew -  that’s what drills are for of course.

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