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26th October, 2013

Agadir Morocco

Agadir is situated in western Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean within a mining region. While little is known of the city’s origins, the Portuguese created a fortress here at the end of the 15th century, naming it Santa Cruz de Ghir.


I had chosen to keep offshore by quite a few miles last night as experience tells me there are many little fishing boats that go out and fish off the banks and are usually of wooden construction and tend not to exhibit lights until the last minute. So I rerouted the ship offshore to have a clear run. As we started our approach to the port we had to weave our way through these fleets as we closed the coast, and in the dark it proved challenging. However as I had the “con” Scott Hunter the Chief officer was monitoring the radar and we had lookouts all telling me where the little lights were popping up so I could manoeuvre the ship around them. All went well, and they seemed all oblivious to the fact that they were sitting in the middle of the deep water fairway but again this is all part of the experience. We picked our pilot up and proceeded in. It was a flat calm morning and we slid into our berth without too much in the way of engine movements and bowthruster wash. Agadir boasts a maze of souks which several were going on tour today to discover. Here you can purchase beautiful fine handicrafts and the ever popular magic carpets. With all the tour excursions really giving a taste of traditional Morocco, everyone was able to experience what Morocco had to offer. The most popular tour this morning was the City secrets and fantasia tour here they enjoyed Moroccan pastries whilst drinking mint tea and watching a show with traditional singing and dancing.

Being blessed with excellent weather today it really was the most perfect day to discover the beautiful white sandy beaches which are overlooked by luxurious hotels as well as a great selection of cafes and restaurants. With all the tours having excellent local guides all of our guests came back thrilled by their experience. Spices were on the top of everyone’s shopping list today with some of the most fantastic selection being available.

Saga Sapphire

All aboard time today was 4.30 were we then prepared to set sail towards our next port of call being Arrecife Lanzarote.The wind had picked up to near gale force conditions blowing in from the sea, and with mother nature’s assistance, I prepared to take the ship away. As you can see from the photo graph, we were alongside these red silos so I hid the stern of the ship behind these silos for some shelter, and swung the bow to starboard while keeping the stern close to the silos, to avoid the very strong winds causing us to drift uncontrollable across the harbour. All went like clockwork and once turned we headed out. The pilot disembarked inside the breakwater, the only thing having been done was he had a cup of tea and left everything else to me. Again however this is how I like it. With such glorious weather most gathered out on deck to enjoy the sunshine before heading in to watch Captain Mike Irving’s lecture on maritime history. Entertaining us this evening was our resident Explosive productions cast with
Let’s Swing, a magical journey through the greatest hits, both old and modern, from legendary swing artists.

With the clocks  going back an hour this evening most retired to bed early ready for another gloriously sunny day tomorrow.  

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