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15th May, 2013



The overnight voyage across the Gulf of Lyon was far more comfortable than on the way to Ajaccio and in light winds we followed another cruise vessel into the inner harbour of Barcelona, berthing just a few hundred yards from the main square below ‘La Rambla’. Great for the passengers, not quite so easy for the manoeuvre as the bow ended up around twenty meters or so ahead of the quay.

The anticipated early rain was something and nothing, and it had basically gone by mid-morning so a dry day was experienced by most. I did mention to passengers later that I had taken my umbrella for my two hour stroll and that was no doubt why the rain had stayed away.

Shopping in Barcelona

I joined my wife at the top of the boulevard and we worked our way south, passing into the old quarter and twice taking a seat in order to watch the world go by. With seven passengers ships in port, the ‘world’ consisted of many thousands all dressed, not in the sophisticated Latin elegance of old Catalan café society, but in the rather scruffy bland uniformity of the cosmopolitan tourist.

From balconies above the odd local looked down disapprovingly as line after line of tour groups followed flag wielding guides, while others sat around the edge of a large old fountain watching a skate boarder crash and clatter around between unsuspecting visitors. A film crew set up their bright lights and then, just as quickly, disappeared.


Local lady

Back in La Rambla the human statues looked as though they were about to break for lunch, the silver ‘horse’ of Don Quixote had collapsed into a small mound and he was counting his recently acquired change, while a golden winged lady winked and looked as though she was about to take flight when a few coins were dropped into her hat. We retreated back to normality and by sailing time the ‘proper’ rain started to fall. Good timing for the passengers, not so good for us on the bridge wing.





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